Welcome to Mobile Accord, Inc.

Mobile Accord creates innovative mobile services for clients around the world. Through our proprietary technology and network partners, we power the mobile activities of the world's leading businesses, NGOs, and nonprofits. Ready to get started?

Business Lines

mGive works with leading nonprofit organizations to improve mobile engagement and fundraising. mGive created the mobile donation industry and since 2005, has processed 80% of transactions.

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GeoPoll works with businesses and NGOs to better understand the world through mobile. GeoPoll uses proprietary technology to find and survey people throughout the developing world.

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The heart of the Mobile Accord system is the proprietary high-volume EVO2 mobile platform that processes SMS, pSMS, and MMS. The EVO2 messaging system currently operates on four continents and is adaptable to any mobile network operator in the world.

Mobile Accord uses our proprietary technology to offer one of the fastest, most reliable, and most secure messaging system available in the world. 

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